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Confirming the Word is a little different than most Bible training centers or schools. A Church-Based Bible school program enables you to raise up future elders, leaders, workers, and disciples right in your local church. Unbelievers become believers—believers become disciples—disciples become leaders. These are the people who will then have your vision, impact your city, and build with you in the areas where God is leading you to build.
We realize most of your church members would never go to Bible school, so we bring the Bible school to them. The Bible courses help the local church disciple and train its members under the church’s pastoral/elder oversight. We feel the local church should view its Bible school as its primary way of discipling. Your members’ lives can then become more disciplined and consistent, making their lives more fulfilling and fruitful.
Steve Shank

Steve Shank

Senior Pastor

After having pastored a local church for nearly forty years, it is now my great desire to help other pastors fulfill their callings by assisting them with training courses that will help their people know the heart of God, know their true identity in Christ, and know how to walk out their callings as believers.


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Steve Shank

Pastor/CTW Founder