Standard of Conduct

We expect all students of Confirming the Word Bible College to conduct themselves in a manner which glorifies Jesus and does not cause another brother or sister in Christ to stumble. As students of CTW, this conduct will be expected as a lifestyle, not just while on the campus of CTW. Students will also be expected to maintain behavior that glorifies Christ and to avoid all appearance of evil when it comes to relationships with others (of same or opposite sex). A student whose personal conduct is a poor testimony for Christ, and who fails to live in accordance with the scriptural ideals of the College, will be spiritually counseled and will be disciplined to such extent as the Dean deems advisable.

Dress Code

Modesty and good taste are considered the principle guidelines for all students while on campus. Casual dress is allowed as long as students maintain a clean and neat appearance while on campus. Please do not wear anything that would cause another brother or sister to stumble (i.e. low cut tops and short skirts/shorts for women; tight pants or low buttoned shirts for men). More formal dress may be required for special meetings and/or conferences.

Academic Standards

Students are expected to do their best in all areas of academics. All assignments need to be turned in on time. If a student knows that she will be missing a class, she needs to get permission from the instructor prior to missing the class. Only two classes per trimester may be missed; exceptions may apply depending on the situation. Tardiness is not permitted. If a student knows that he will be tardy, he needs to let the instructor know prior to the class. Only three tardies are allowed before the student’s grade will be affected.
Academic dishonesty is not allowed in any form. All papers must be the student’s own original work. Any sources used in papers or essays must be cited.

Ministry Practicum

Students are expected to be actively involved in a local church. We ask that all students serve in some volunteer role at their local churches. We also ask that students come to every conference or event that CTW will be involved in. Attendance at these events will be noted, and local church attendance/volunteer work will also be noted.

Financial Responsibility

Students are required to turn in their tuition by each trimester deadline. If a student knows that payment will be late, he or she needs to speak with the Dean immediately. No late payments will be accepted.