Instructor – Pam Enneking

  • Righteousness – Our right standing with God
  • the Authority of the Believer
  • The Triumphant Church – Authority over all the Powers of Darkness
  • The Gifts of The Spirit
  • Divine Healing

Instructor – Larry Fansler

  • The Names of God
  • Understanding the kinds of prayer
  • How you can be led by the Spirit
  • How to know the will of God
  • Growing up Spiritually

Instructor – Steve Shank

  • God’s Word – Final Authority
  • The Life of Faith
  • Great Themes of Redemption
  • Schizophrenic God?  Finding Reality in conflict, confusino, and contradiction
  • Grace and Truth
  • Your True Identity in Christ
  • Invisible Realities
  • The ministry – Gift, Tips, and Ethics

Other Instructors

  • Love, the Royal way of the Kingdom
  • Missions, God’s heartbeat
  • Honor’s Reward
  • God’s Generals