I started CTW hoping to make Christianity practical. I wanted to make it work and make the things I would read about in the Bible, miracles and blessings, happen in my life. Soon after starting the first year I realized my focus was wrong. I was seeking results before relationship. I was putting miracles and blessings above my relationship with Father God. I learned that, “True Christianity is relationship” and from that relationship with Father all of the blessings, miracles and power flow. I have learned more about who Father God is and who I am in Christ over the last year than I have learned in all 33 years of my life before. I still have so much to learn and a lot of mind renewing to get done but I am transformed forever from who I was. I know, for the first time in my life who I am, what I was made for and am beginning to understand how much Father God love me.
I cannot wait for year two.
– Eric S.
1st Year Student

*Photo Courtesy of Dainty Photography*

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